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Welcome to Worldwide Incorporation Services - Leading Provider of Offshore & Onshore Company Formation & International Tax Planning


Since 1998, WORLDWIDE INCORPORATION SERVICES has offered a wide range of solutions and services in supporting clients with their worldwide corporate, banking and investment needs.

Best Offshore Jurisdictions

BVI Offshore Company
Offshore Company Incorporation in the BVI

Seychelles IBC
Offshore Company Incorporation in Seychelles

Belize Offshore Company
Offshore Company Incorporation
in Belize

Dominica IBC
Offshore Company Incorporation in Dominica

Panamanian Corporation
Offshore Company Incorporation in Panama


Nevis Offshore Company
Offshore Company Incorporation in Nevis

Bahamas IBC
Offshore Company Incorporation in the Bahamas

St. Vincent IBC
Offshore Company Incorporation in St. Vincent


UAE Offshore Company
Offshore Company Incorporation in the UAE

Popular Offshore Jurisdictions

Cyprus Companies
Cyprus Company Formation

UK Companies
UK Company Formation

Hong Kong Companies
Hong Kong Company Formation

New Zealand Companies
New Zealand Company Formation

Mauritius Companies
Mauritius Company Formation


Singapore Companies
Singaporean Company Formation

Companies in Switzerland
Swiss Company Formation

Netherlands B.V.
Dutch Company Formation


Delaware LLC
Delaware LLC Formation

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Our professionals provide expert consultation and solutions designed especially for the needs and objectives of the clients who are interested in investing in the field of international business trading.

Our offices all around the world are filled with experienced employees in the field of administration requirements, as well as, fiduciary services and the management and distribution of our valuable clients’ assets.

Furthermore, WORLDWIDE INCORPORATION SERVICES has been a very well established organisation and is known for the excellent provision of corporate services, such as, among others, virtual offices and offshore commerce solutions.

VAT and VIES solutions, as well as, Yacht Registration are one of the many fields we are providing assistance and knowledge. In addition, our clients are always relying on us in the support and aid that we provide, relating to Capital Gains Tax and Property Ownership Solutions.

Lastly, in our offices you can explore more about how to obtain different kind of licenses, such as, Gaming License, Financial License and Yacht License and any other products / services you may require at your needs.

Trust in our services the way we trust you!




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