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Offshore Company Formation

Since 1998, Worldwide Incorporation Services has offered a wide range of solutions and services in supporting clients with their worldwide corporate, banking and investment needs. Worldwide Incorporation Services offers the offshore companies formation and their following administration, registered agent services, virtual office, nominee directors and nominee shareholders, secretarial services, bank accounts introduction, administrative and tax consulting.

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What is an Offshore Company?

An offshore company is a business that is incorporated with the sole purpose of having its operations in a country different from where it is registered/where its directors reside/ where the main stakeholders and beneficiaries reside. An offshore company can also refer to a division of a corporate group that engages foreign manufacturers or foreign business services as part of its mode of operation. Although there are many misconceptions about offshore companies with many thinking that these are affiliated with illegal trading activities, this is often a false illusion. In fact some of the biggest companies in the world are legally involved in some semblance of offshore operations. This kind of operations are legal as long as a business adheres to regulations of the relevant jurisdiction. An offshore company operates on the basis that it can act independently without stringent stifling control measures.


How an Offshore Company Can Be Used

Vehicle for a Start-Up

If you are a start-up running on a shoe string budget and therefore need to cut off budgetary demands. By setting up an offshore company a business will reduce tax obligation, lower registration costs and reduce operating costs.

Business Growth

A tax-free entity will help your business to grow if you want to conceal the financial information or want to conceal the details of company’s directors and shareholders.

A Way to Go Global and Build Reliable Business Relationships

Another necessity of an offshore company is when you have the intention of going global or you have a large foreign consumer base. When most of your customers are not based within your parent company then it is a sound business idea to register in the foreign country where they are based. This will help you to build credible business ties and establish reliable business relationships in countries where you have vested interests.

Going Offshore to Protect Your Business Interests

If your home country is politically unstable or the government has too many restrictions on the type of business you are dealing with. There are still many countries that do not fully support some industries. In such a case it is necessary to register your business in a country that supports all your business operation. This gives an entrepreneur an easy time running a business by reducing government interruption. If your parent country is politically unstable then it is only logical that you consider going offshore to protect your business interests.

Offshore Companies Help Online Businesses to Remain Stable

If your enterprise is an online business then it is best that you set it up as an offshore company. An online business is a virtual set up that is not subject to geographical location. Therefore, there is no logical reason to be limited to a single geographical location that is disadvantageous to the growth of your business. Consider making your online business an offshore company so that you can build streams of income from foreign countries. Income streams from foreign countries are particularly necessary when your home country suffers rampant inflation. An income stream from a strong overseas currency keeps your online business relatively stable.

Setting Up Tax-Free Corporation to Cut Down on Territorial Taxation Costs

Setting up an a tax-free corporation comes in handy if your business is venturing into new markets that have increased territorial taxation. By registering an affiliate of your business in such a foreign territory, you will be able to cut down on territorial taxation costs and other territorial business regulations which countries use to protect local entrepreneurships. By being registered in the foreign destination that you are attempting to venture into, you are in essence showing a government your seriousness as an investor. This will ensure you are accorded with fair treatment.

Benefits Of Offshore Company Formation

Offshore companies have become a viable business solution for many entrepreneurs due to the following benefits:
Minimal Taxation
This is primarily the reason why many entrepreneurs favor offshore companies. By registering a company in a foreign country you can significantly reduces tax obligations. This is because most countries treat foreign companies to tax exemptions and in some cases charge foreign companies extremely low taxes to encourage and motivate foreign investors. This is a relief especially to start ups that are bootstrapped and cannot afford the high tax obligations in their home countries. However, to ensure that your business stays on the right side of the law it is imperative to hire an experienced financial analyst. The financial analyst conclusively establishes that there is no conflict concerning tax obligations between the country of operations and the country of registration.
Preserving Confidentiality
Unlike in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom where the public can easily access financial information and details of stakeholders and beneficiaries of a company, there are foreign countries where such information is kept confidential. Many jurisdictions keep this kind of information private under all circumstances apart from in cases where the company's activities are criminal such as fraud and terrorism. This anonymity can come in handy when striking deals with competitors or operating in a market that does not favor a particular individual or group that is a shareholder.
Reduced Administration Obligations
Most tax havens have minimal obligatory duties for directors and managers of companies as compared to onshore jurisdictions. Some of the requirements that onshore jurisdictions have on administrators that offshore jurisdictions do not have include filing annual accounting reports. Instead of the administrative obligations, most offshore companies charge offshore companies an annual license fee which is significant as compared to all the administrative obligations if a company was operating in an onshore jurisdiction.
Offshore Companies Help Establish International Business Ties
Thanks to globalization the business world is now borderless. By setting up an offshore company a corporation can establish productive business ties and develop credible business relations with foreign countries. Foreign countries are prospective clients for the products of a company. A corporation can innovatively use its offshore company as a channel to venture into a new market. The foreign government and the local residents are more likely to trust a business that is registered within its jurisdiction.
Offshore Companies Are Relatively Cheaper to Setup And Incur Lower Maintenance Costs
The legal processes involved in offshore company formation are easy straightforward and inexpensive. Additionally, maintenance is also cheaper as the local authorities in most tax havens only require an annual license fee.
Offshore Companies Require Significantly Lower Capital Compared to Onshore Companies
Depending on your tax haven of choice, the capital is quite and sometimes there is no obligatory capital requirement required upon registration. This makes offshore companies an invaluable business solution for startups operating on a shoe string budget.
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