Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investments

Worldwide Incorporation Services specializes in Saint Kitts and Nevis Passport Investment Programme.

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Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship. Saint Kitts and Nevis Passport Through Investments: Combine Business With Pleasures

Worldwide Incorporation Services specializes in Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Investment Programme.

Saint Kitts and Nevis – General Information

Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship, Saint Kitts and Nevis Passport

Location: Caribbean, islands in the Caribbean Sea, about one-third of the way from Puerto Rico to Trinidad and Tobago.
Area: total: 261 sq km (Saint Kitts 168 sq km; Nevis 93 sq km), land: 261 sq km, water: 0 sq km.
Natural resources: Arable land.
Population: 52,715 (July 2017 est.).
Nationality: noun: Kittitian(s), Nevisian(s), adjective: Kittitian, Nevisian.
Capital: Basseterre.
Time Zone: UTC-4.
Languages: English (official).
Government type: Federal parliamentary democracy (National Assembly) under a constitutional monarchy; a Commonwealth realm.
Legal system: English common law.
Economy: The economy of Saint Kitts and Nevis depends on tourism; since the 1970s, tourism has replaced sugar as the economy’s traditional mainstay. Roughly 200,000 tourists visited the islands in 2009, but reduced tourism arrivals and foreign investment led to an economic contraction in the 2009-2013 period, and the economy returned to growth only in 2014. Like other tourist destinations in the Caribbean, Saint Kitts and Nevis is vulnerable to damage from natural disasters and shifts in tourism demand. Saint Kitts and Nevis is among other countries in the Caribbean that supplement their economic activity through economic citizenship programs, whereby foreigners can obtain citizenship from Saint Kitts and Nevis by investing there.
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD).

Saint Kitts and Nevis Passport Investment Program – Overview

How does a Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investments in one of the most beautiful islands in the world sound? It is quite an offer and all you have to do is invest in Nevis and you are a citizen with all rights and freedoms. In this article, Nevis citizenship by investments program will be explored with keen emphasis on the investment options and why Nevis provides a fascinating option.

A brief on Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship for investments:

The Saint Kitts and Nevis passport through investments program is the oldest and one-of-its-kind in the Caribbean. It has been up and running since 1984. The program’s concept is to either donate or put some significant amount into real estate in Nevis. There is a score of other requirements, but investment claims the lion’s share qualification factor.


In order to become applicant for Nevis passport through investments program you should have the following features:

· Be at least 18 years old
· No criminal record in any other country
· Subject to due diligence before approval
· You should confirm your source of investment money
· You should be in general good health. You have to take medical examination and examination and attach it to your application.

Terms and conditions for the citizenship

· You must speak Nevis official language (i.e. English);
· You must learn the country’s history
· For Saint Kitts and Nevis passport through investments program, you have to choose between two options. Before you make your choice of the route to Nevis citizenship, you should extensively review it.

1. The donation route to Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship – To many people, this is the route they choose. It is easy, fast and you make it once and for all. When applying as an individual, you should donate $150,000 a newly established growth Fund. You will also have to take care of government charges you must meet before your application is reviewed. For a family with a maximum of 4 members you will donate $195,000 excluding government fees and other charges. The fund goes into the education, health, energy and a score of other important sectors. For someone not interested in business, this is a straightforward option. It is relatively affordable with no hassle.

2. Investing in real estate – For the business-minded person, the real estate investment plan is pretty tempting. You should know that it is more expensive than donating, but you also make more money from your investment. That should not make you get ahead of yourself.

a) The properties you are investing in are government-approved and are normally inflated, which the Nevis citizenship by investments program implies. It is hardly possible to make your money back before you decide to sell the property. If, nevertheless, you decide to go ahead and invest; you will need $200,000 to buy a government pre-approved property. You can resell it after a period of 7 years. While you will not get all your money back from the resale, it is largely a convincing option.

b) There is another option for investing in real estate and getting Nevis citizenship. You will need $400,000 to buy a property approved by the government. The catch here is you can activate resale after 5 years. You also have the option to co-invest with someone else as long as you are not related to him/her in any way. You should be ready to contend with a number of government charges before the deal goes through. For your heads up, the real estate here is not what you would expect in great capitals of the world. You will be paying more that the value you get. For someone looking forward to recoup from your investment, be advised that you can only get a small portion of your initial investment. Other CBI investors will determine how much you can make back. You will be lucky if your developer gives you a buyback clause. There is a basketful of real estate properties you can invest in. They range from parks, botanical gardens to spas, hotels and resorts. Take time to learn about each offer, if you want to make some profit out of your investment. Go for the thriving properties at the most prime locations. You may need the help of the locals to know what might work for you.

Donation VS investment: what is the best route?

There are merits and drawbacks from each side of the coin of the Nevis passport through investments. The first consideration is the duration it takes for each option to be complete. On this end, donation takes relatively shorter period. Give your donation, properly submit your papers for application and in 3 to 6 months your passport will be ready. You should also know about the accelerated application-process. The real estate route is longer. There is the time you will take to find an agency, choose the industry you want to invest in, settle for a property. Work on your papers and submit the application. Be prepared to wait for a few more months than it would be with a donation. Cost is also another consideration that comes to play while choosing one route over the other. Obviously, the donation option is cheaper. As an individual, you only need to donate $150,000, cover some small charges and you are on your way to Nevis citizenship.

Investing in real estate is expensive, but you will definitely make money back from the property. You are also allowed to sell your property after 5 or 7 years depending on the investment route you choose. While recouping money from your investment and the option to sell makes investing in real estate a sound offer, it does not justify waiting for long and spending more to get Nevis passport through investments into the real estate. With that information, you can easily make the right decision. Is it a donation or investment? The ball is now in your court.

Individual application:

· $150,000 to the rebuilding kitty
· Application and processing fees of up to $7,500
· For the relatively fast application process, you will part with $25,000

A family of 4 applications

· You donate of $195,000
· A total of $10,000 for all dependents regardless of their age
· Processing and diligence fee of $7,500 for the head of family
· Fee for processing and due diligence charges of $4,000 for each family member aged 16 years or more
Costs and expenses for those who invest in property:
– Individual investment: At least an initial investment of $200,000
– Co-investment with a non-relative: A total of $400,000
In both cases you will pay an application fee of $7,500. If you have a family, the application process fee for each ember at 16 years or older is $4,000. You will also have to part with $75,000 as government fee.

Documents requirements:

· Proof of residence and address
· Bank statements to prove you investment capabilities
· Birth certificate for everyone in the application
· Police records and reports; there is a number of forms you must fill for the application to go to the next stage. They include:
· Nevis citizenship registration form
· Signature certificate and photograph
· Medical certificate. One of the tests is HIV-results for each applicant older than 12 years. The results should not have been obtained longer than 3 months to the date of application

Once all the documents and forms are ready, the application is submitted to the Nevis authority within the framework Nevis passport through investments. To get it done correctly, you will need to hire an agency specializing in immigration.

Due diligence for Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investments normally takes a period of 2 to 5 months and once it is complete you will get approval from the principal. You will then be invited for donation or property investment. Just you know, Nevis is not accepting applications from Nigeria, Yemen and Iraq.

Why should you choose Nevis passport through investments program?

1) By all measures, Saint Kitts and Nevis is beautiful. Nevis citizenship will allow you to enjoy with the blue Atlantic waters, tropical temperature and a booming tourism and trade sectors are adequate reasons to push you to invest and earn your citizenship. You will get direct and connecting flights from and to Europe and the US. You have an easy chance for dual citizenship and your global income will not be subjected to domestic taxing. These two are some of top sought citizenship parameters and Saint Kitts and Nevis is offering them.

2) Among another reason there is also opportunity for travel visa-free to at least 100 countries around the world. Singapore, the UK, Hong Kong and states in the Schengen membership are in that list.

3) Your passport will be processed in a record duration of 4 months or less.

4) You can include dependents for your children under 30 years as well as parents and grandparents who are 55 years or older so they could receive Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship.

5) You do not have to live on the island. You can maintain your current residence and still qualify for citizen by investment. It means you can make your income around the world and you are not liable to pay taxes in Nevis.

6) Nevis recognizes dual citizenship; therefore, you can still use your current passport for whatever purpose you need.
7) It is not necessary to physically fly to Nevis to make the application.

8) You are not interviewed for your education or career history.

While there are lots of Citizenship investment programs in the Caribbean, the Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investments program offer is the best one. It should be easy for you to make a choice you will not regret.

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