Second Citizenship by Investments

Worldwide Incorporation Services specializes in Second Passport Investment Programs.

Since 1998, WIS has been a leading service provider in global residence and citizenship solutions.

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Second Citizenship. Citizenship Through Investments

Since 1998, Worldwide Incorporation Services specializes in Second Citizenship Investment Programs.

Have you been thinking about getting the second citizenship lately? If this is your matter of interest, you are at the right place. In this article, we respond to the main questions when it comes to citizenship through investment program. Some countries offer more attractive terms, while others require a lot of investments. In this case, we orientate on countries that are the most attractive at the moment, since the overall conditions are easy to follow and understand. The costs are also less than some other options. Let’s see what counties offer the second citizenship through investments program with good conditions and positive perspective in the future.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

Just like many other Caribbean countries, Antigua and Barbuda is also high on the list of the most popular countries for getting a second passport by investments program. In this case, we have the possibility to give a donation of $100,000 or invest in a real estate with minimum of $400,000. With this passport, you are able to travel to over 100+ countries, including UK, EU SCHENGEN area and more. The power of this passport is well-tested, since many people from the USA and Asia are coming to the country to apply for the citizenship.


Dominica Citizenship

If you dream about living in Caribbean paradise with sandy beaches and peaceful nature, go for Dominica. It is one of best Caribbean countries with the high standard of living and no taxes for non-residents. It is where many Chinese and Russian investors came to start a business and get the citizenship. The citizenship through investments programs are very popular, because you only have to invest $100,000 and apply for the citizenship that comes very fast. The only fact to think about is the possible rise of the costs, which is coming after 2018 when Dominica plans to rise the application costs for more than 75%. Therefore, acting fast is necessary if you want to become a citizen of this beautiful country.

Until then, most advisers think that Dominica could be the best solution if you want to get the citizenship of some Caribbean country. You can apply for the citizenship and make an investment, but you don’t have to pay in full until the approval is ready for you. This means that you invest in the fund or buy a real estate only after you are completely sure that you are getting the citizenship. It is good to act fast, because most government members claim that the minimum investment will be $175,000 starting from 2019.


Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

With the oldest program in the world, Saint Kitts and Nevis government offers something worth of attention. Their St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship through investments program has been from all these years of program existence, and they offer some really good options. People who would like to give a minimum donation of $150,000 or invest $400,000 in real estate will be able to get the citizenship in a very short time. All of these possibilities make the country very popular among investors. Saint Kitts and Nevis is also very good when it comes to tax system, since most non-residents pay no taxes for certain investments. If you decide to acquire the passport of this country, you’ll enjoy the oldest citizenship through investment programs that offer some great advantages. For all these reasons, it is good to think about the citizenship from Saint Kitts and Nevis.


Saint Lucia Citizenship

In this case, we have the country that collects all the positive aspects when it comes to citizenship through investment programs. Saint Lucia has monitored and collected regulations all over the Caribbean region. As a result, they offer some very good perspective for new citizens. The minimum investment in their National Economic Fund is $100,000, while the real estate investment could be $300,000, which the minimum when it comes to Caribbean nations. You also get very good support if you plan to invest in business, since the government approves projects that contribute to development of their cruise ship ports, hospitality businesses and construction works. If this is your matter, you can invest $3.5 million and build a solid base for future financial prosperity. Tax free system allows you to operate worldwide and hold most of your profit.


Final Verdict

As you can see, most of these countries are highly popular among future investors. Some of them are more liberal, and some require less money to invest. No matter which citizenship you want to get, you should be ready to pass through the citizenship program that will check your eligibility for the certain passport. Prepare for this process and get ready to get a citizenship by investments program of your choice. With this kind of passport, you’ll be able to travel the world and enjoy some great benefits from the countries that offer many possibilities. It is good to use them and improve the life for better.

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