Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investments

Worldwide Incorporation Services specializes in Antigua and Barbuda Passport Investment Programme.

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Antigua and Barbuda Passport. Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Through Investments

Worldwide Incorporation Services specializes in Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Investment Programme.

Antigua and Barbuda – General Information

Antigua and Barbuda

Location: Caribbean, islands between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east-southeast of Puerto Rico.
Area: total: 442.6 sq km (Antigua 280 sq km; Barbuda 161 sq km), land: 442.6 sq km , water: 0 sq km .
Natural resources: NEGL; pleasant climate fosters tourism.
Population: 95,882 (July 2018 est.).
Nationality: noun: Antiguan(s), Barbudan(s), adjective: Antiguan, Barbudan.
Capital: Saint John’s.
Time Zone: UTC-4.
Languages: English (official), Antiguan creole.
Government type: Parliamentary democracy (Parliament) under a constitutional monarchy; a Commonwealth realm.
Legal system: Common law based on the English model.
Economy: Tourism continues to dominate Antigua and Barbuda’s economy, accounting for nearly 60% of GDP and 40% of investment. The dual-island nation’s agricultural production is focused on the domestic market and constrained by a limited water supply and a labor shortage stemming from the lure of higher wages in tourism and construction. Manufacturing comprises enclave-type assembly for export with major products being bedding, handicrafts, and electronic components.

Prospects for economic growth in the medium term will continue to depend on tourist arrivals from the US, Canada, and Europe and could be disrupted by potential damage from natural disasters. The new government, elected in 2014 and led by Prime Minister Gaston Browne, continues to face significant fiscal challenges. The government places some hope in a new Citizenship by Investment Program, to both reduce public debt levels and spur growth, and a resolution of a WTO dispute with the US.
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD).

Antigua and Barbuda Passport Investment Program – Overview

If you would like to see the lively cultural scenes and historic sites, you should try the Antigua and Barbuda passport through investments option that the government offers. Launched in the year 2013, the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investments program requires applicants to invest in real estates, which they can sell after 5 years, invest in an eligible business or make non-refundable government donation. With that, you can obtain Antigua citizenship for your whole family including your parents and children.

To obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, you do not have to speak the official language or to learn the history. Moreover, there are no requirements towards physical residence until after you have obtained the citizenship.

Benefits of the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

  • You will enjoy all the benefits the beautiful Caribbean country with blue waters and white sand offers for exotic holidays
  • Lifetime citizenship for your children and parents with single time investment
  • Direct citizenship in the Caribbean county
  • Visa free travels to the EU Schengen countries such as Ireland the UK
  • No inheritance, wealth or personal income taxes
  • No needed personal visits
  • No business experience, interviews or language tests
  • Best second passport for your travels
  • Free movements with the Caribbean CARICOM countries/li>
  • Freely hold multiple or dual citizenship with the other countries

The application process

The applicant should be over 18 years old, of good character, with good health and without criminal records. Applicants have the chance of applying together with their spouse and dependent children or dependent elderly grandparents or parents. The process of obtainment Antigua passport through investments is rigorous and requires you to prepare diligently in order to gather the needed information. Application timelines vary and are hard to predict but they depend on how fast the applicant can get the needed documentation and the complexity of the whole application process. The main applicant (not the family) has to spend five days in the country for five days during the Antigua citizenship application process. They should again spend the five days at the end of every five years. Here are the application steps:

Step 1: Application preparation and CS Global Partners pre-approval

Step 2: The application submission to the government

Step 3: Application processing and due diligence checks by the government. This process takes 4-6 months.

Step 4: Approval in principal

Step 5: Investment in business, donation to NDF or purchase of real estate

Step 6: Citizenship certificate issued

Step 7: The application and issuance of the passport


The following are the qualifications for Antigua passport through investments. You can choose one investment option:

– USD 100,000 donation to National Development Fund (NDF)
– USD 150,000 University Fund Option
– USD 400,000 investment in the real estate industry
– USD 1,500,000 business investment

The additional expenses for dependents of Antigua citizenship by investments program are extra. You will get a passport valid for 5 years and you will have an option of renewing it after the five years. To renew the passport, you have to visit Antigua and Barbuda for around 5 days. The government introduced the University of West Indies Fund (UWI Fund) option after a cabinet decision. The option will remain effective until 12th October 2015. The government expects the new university campus to bring more economic benefits to Antigua and inspire many people to pursue higher education.

To qualify for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investments, citizens have to make $150,000 contribution to UWI fund:

– USD 150,000 is the required amount for families for four or more people.
This option entitles one family member to 1-year scholarship (tuition only) at University of West Indies.
– Families of four should invest USD 25,000 and USD 15,000 for every additional dependent.

Due diligence fees:

– USD 7,500 for the applicant
– USD 7,500 for their spouse
– USD 4,000 for each person over 18 years
– USD 2,000 for each individual child between 12-17 years

Real estate investment

Real estate specialists will help you through the paperwork involved in buying real estate in Antigua. To benefit from Antigua and Barbuda passport through investments through this method, you will need to buy a property worth over USD 400,000. Moreover, you will have to hold the property for over five years, before selling it and retaining your citizenship.

Terms and conditions

To qualify for the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investments program you will have to provide several needed documents. Here are the documents that you must keep ready when applying for the citizenship.

– Certificate of no criminal records or police clearance certificate
– Copy of passport
– Marriage certificate – with the spouse as the dependent
– 2 birth certificates – Each document should have apostille seal.

And after you have become a citizen of this country thanks to Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investments program, you will be able to travel to the United Kingdom and other 125 countries without the need of a visa for 90 days.

Business investment

The cabinet has to pre-approve your application if you choose the business investment option. The approval follows ABIA recommendation, which makes recommendations after consulting the CIU. The processing fees are:

– Main applicant: USD 50,000
– Families of more than four members: USD 50,000
– Additional dependent: USD 15,000

Why should you choose Antigua and Barbuda citizenship?

You might have decided to relocate to the Caribbean and you have chosen to proceed with Antigua citizenship as your most preferred country. You have made a good choice. With the Antigua passport through investments program, you can be able to live in this country. Here are some of the reasons many people are choosing the colorful country as their permanent home.

1. The country has 365 beaches. In other words, you tour a beach each day throughout the year. It is a home to the most beautiful pink and white beaches. Filled with many possibilities like jet-skiing, sight-seeing in glass-bottom boat, and banana boating, it offers discovery opportunities to people throughout the year.

2. Temperate climate. The temperate climate is a result of the country’s low humidity, which makes it a good destination for tourists throughout the year. The average annual rainfall stands at 39 inches.

3. Cultural Heritage. Antigua and Barbuda is not only famous for the natural landscape, but has several cultural heritage places.

4. Good business decision – Nowadays, economy of Antigua is much different than it was earlier, in the period of 17th and 18th centuries. Rather than being involved only in agriculture, the island principal source of employment now goes from the tourism and government-service industries. Presently, tourism accounts for more than half of the country’s gross domestic product, and for sure Antigua citizenship by investments program promotes as well the country’s economy.

5. Colorful celebrations and active nightlife. Antigua and Barbuda is widely known for many nightclubs and active nightlife, which lure more tourists through the awesome beachside location and music. Antiguan Carnival, which takes place each year to celebrate the abolishment of slavery, is the biggest party.

6. No language barriers – English settled in Antigua in 1632. The country remained under the rule of British until the year 1981 with a short French interlude, so getting Antigua citizenship here will be one more benefit.

7. Strong community. Antigua is widely known for strong community. The locals are friendly and more attentive. Many organizations have facilitated growth of this community spirit. Moreover, local organizations offer a range of activities touching sports clubs, environmental awareness groups and special needs clubs.

8. Affordable homes near the beach. To purchase a home around the beach or a 2,372-sqft home, you will need $276,000. Such properties are near gated residential communities and come with two bathrooms and three bedrooms. You will have snug living room, cozy dining area and lovely furnished kitchen. Moreover, such properties are landscaped and feature fenced yards and beautiful garden area – this will become your real life once you get Antigua and Barbuda citizenship.

The Antigua and Barbuda passport through investments is among the most recent citizenship investment programs. The application processing is fast, and you can obtain a second passport after 3-4 months. You can only make an application through the authorized agents. It is an opportunity that you should grab with both hands, as Antigua citizenship by investments program is one of the most fast growing among population.

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